Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Motivational Speech at Lord Wandsworth College, Hook, Hampshire, 1st May 2012

Tom Bushnell The Confidence Coach... CALL 07976 221052 NOW to get the Confidence You want: Motivational Speech at Lord Wandsworth College, Hook, Hampshire, 1st May 2012

Motivational Speech at Lord Wandsworth College, Hook, Hampshire, 1st May 2012

Motivational Speech at Lord Wandsworth College, Hook, Hampshire, 1st May 2012
The 6th Form students at Lord Wandsworth College listened to Tom Bushnell speak about confidence building strategies, motivation and goal setting. A selection of students broke through a piece of pine wood karate style with their bare hands, demonstrating to themselves how to take positive action despite an almost impossible obstacle in front of them (the piece of wood)and come out the other side (breaking through the wood) victorious!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Celebrity Charity Football match at Leatherhead FC

Had a great time at Leatherhead FC yesterday. Thanks to Jeff Brazier and Lydia Frempong for organising the match. Hope to see you both at my celebrity charity football match on the 27th May at Farnborough FC ;-)

Friday, 4 February 2011

Monday, 10 January 2011

BBC WM Radio interview Tom Bushnell about the psychology of New Year Resolutions

On 2nd Jan 2011 I gave an interview to BBC WM Radio with Professor Carl Chinn MBE, about the psychology of New Year Re-solutions and a specific way to increase your mental energy... here is the recording...

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Oak Farm School Pupils with Confidence Coach Tom Bushnell

Pupils of the IT class at Oak Farm School "Break Through" with (confidence coach) Tom Bushnell & Alan Donegan of Enjoy Presenting: Sept 2010

Testimonial: After one hour of working with Tom, it changed not only my life but my pupil's as well. After three weeks they are still confident and refer back to that day when we broke wood. I have kept mine to show everybody who enters my classroom. A sensational experience that changes hearts, minds, and aspirations. Mark Roberton, Head of ICT, Oak Farm School, Farnborough, Hampshire, UK: 30th September 2010

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Tim Lees freestyle footballer with (Confidence Coach) Tom Bushnell

Freestyle footballer and central midfielder Tim Lees getting motivated with UK (Confidence Coach) Tom Bushnell. Lee will be playing for a League 2 or Blue Square Premiership team in the new football season.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Confidence Coach Tom Bushnell speaks at Stoke Park Golf Club's season launch night

Stoke Park Club Pro Colin Ancsell with Golf Confidence Coach Tom Bushnell

Hi Tom,

Just to say thanks very much for your speech on Friday night - The evening was a success with some great feedback from our members.

Kind regards

Tim Harris

Stoke Park Club Assistant Professional & Corporate Golf Specialist

Friday, 1 May 2009

Roy Cox integral member of Wentworth golf Club

ROY COX Wentworth Club Member:
As all Golfers know the game is played in the space between your ears. Since working with Tom he has shown me the way to perform and make decisions under pressure, both in my work as an officer in the British Fire & Rescue Service and on the Golf Course.
Tom’s techniques have been instrumental in reducing my handicap from 14 to 10.

Warren Harmston Golfing Prodigy

WARREN HARMSTON: (Amateur Handicap +2)
I first worked with Tom when I was struggling with my mindset when leading tournaments. Subsequently Tom has given me a good foundation to build towards success. Presently my game and mental attitude has progressed to such an extent that this year I have won
The Wentworth Club Stroke Play Championship
The Wentworth Club Match Play Championship
The Surrey Order of Merit
The Surrey Amateur Championship

Monday, 27 April 2009

Thursday, 2 April 2009

New book launched coincides with Speech at Sussex Enterprise

Jimmy Meades (Sussex Enterprise Events Executive)& Motivational Speaker Tom Bushnell

Tom Bushnell's newly published book "How to promote you and your business through TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines & National Websites" was given it's first public outing early this morning at The Sussex Enterprise "Web to the Max" breakfast meeting, held at the Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club in Eastbourne.

Tom spoke to the group of delegates about the section in his book on using National Websites to promote their business.

Other interesting talks about the web were given by Martin Henley & Jeremy Spiller

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

After Dinner Speaker at the ISA Conference

Dear Tom

Thank you for your very interesting after dinner speech at the ISA Conference. We were most impressed at the way you demonstrated the power of the mind to break through a very solid piece of wood !

Pat Preedy,

Executive Principal of Sherfield School, Deputy COO of GEMS UK & on the Professional Development Committee of ISA

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Tom Bushnell helped Me to understand myself

I've been a psychiatric nurse, I've studied NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), T.A.(Transactional Analysis), counselling, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy) but none of these came close to helping me to understand myself... Tom Bushnell did.

David Hands

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

How to navigate your way around the tricky 7th at Stoke ParK Golf Course, by using mental rehearsal

This is taken from the Club Membership Newsletter, which Tom Bushnell writes for each month, giving their Golfing members a Mental Edge on their game.

To put you in the picture Stoke Park Golf Club's signature hole is the 7th (12th at Augusta was modeled on it) It's a must hit green par 3.

On the left side there is a steep bank down to two bunkers which run the almost the full length of the green, which also slopes sharply from left to right. Right of the green is another steep bank down to several teardrop lakes. Short of the green is another lake. Back Tee 176 yards, Yellow Tee 150 and ladies tee 130.

Miss left and the next shot is in the water, miss right and your in the water. Hit the green and a three putts on the cards -

As you will see this is potentially a very tricky hole. Here are some mental tips that can be applied when tackling this hole.


Tiger Woods is quoted as saying that "90% of Golf is in the mind". We think in pictures. When thinking about a potentially tricky hole such as the 7th here at Stoke, take a few minutes to
rehearse visually in your mind how we are going to play it.

Try this: Get into a relaxed state, close your eyes if you want to start to vividly imagine yourself playing the perfect hole on the 7th. Breath deeply, stand tall, shoulders back, chest out, head up, eyes slightly raised, shoulders relaxed, nice and loose. See in your minds eye you teeing off perfectly, seeing the ball land exactly where you want it. Then seeing yourself chipping onto the green and the ball landing 2 foot from the hole, imagine this perfectly in your mind. Then vividly see yourself putting into the hole to make par....feel how good it feels, and with a big smile on your face, breathe in and say to yourself "YES". then play this same new mental movie in your mind over once more, and this time breathe more deeply, stand a little taller, feel more confident, make the movie image brighter, crisper, more colourful and vibrant. Hear the sound as you play your perfect shots, make those sounds clear and resonant. Do this same process at least 5 times, preferably 10 times the night before your round and 5-10 times in the morning before your round.

In summary:

1. Only visualize and focus on what you want to happen. The ball going exactly were you want it to, in the hole.

2. The mind and body don't know the difference between something that really happened and something that is vividly imagined. So do this well and your mind and body will feel like you have hit 10-20 perfect holes on the 7th.

3.Be relaxed and have fun with it!

Tom provides one on one mental coaching for Golfers. He can be contacted on 07976 221052



another school Pupil loves breaking through wood!

Testimonial from School Pupil, who participated in the Board Break Seminar with Tom Bushnell

It was fun and exciting,I loved it, trying a brand new thing made me feel better and relaxed.
Keep it up Bushnell, by the way I still have the wood with your signature on !

Phyllis Lau

Moorland School Clitheroe