Tuesday, 23 December 2008

BBC Radio 5 Live interview Tom Bushnell The (UK Confidence Coach)

BBC 5 Live Radio interview Tom Bushnell, Marcus Gayle & Richard Worrell about Football Motivation, Psychology in Sport & Confidence Building. Interviewed by Aasmah Mir, with Rowan Bridge.

Friday, 12 December 2008

How to motivate Footballers

BBC Radio 5Live filmed football confidence coach Tom Bushnell demonstrating a motivation technique to help Football Teams win soccer matches. The team is AFC Wimbledon reserves coached and led by Marcus Gayle a former Premier League player for Wimbledon FC. Watch how quickly the players go from neutral to absolute confidence and certainty in lightning quick time. After doing this they won 4-1.

Click here for the original BBC link

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

BBC Radio London interview The UK's Number One (Confidence Coach) Tom Bushnell & Marcus Gayle

BBC Radio London interview The UK's Number One (Confidence Coach) Tom Bushnell & Marcus Gayle about some unique Confidence Building methods being used at AFC Wimbledon. It involves getting the players to smash through pieces of wood with their bare hands to get them motivated and full of confidence before they go out onto the Football pitch. For more info go to www.TomBushnell.com and or call +44 (0)7976 221052.

Since doing the board break Wimbledon AFC reserves results sequence is as follows WWDW.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Sky Sports News filmed Tom Bushnell The UK's (Confidence Coach) working with Marcus Gayle and his reserve squad of AFC Wimbledon footballers. Sky's camera's came and filmed Tom teaching the footballers how to build their self confidence by doing a wood chopping board breaking exercise with their bare hands. Marcus Gayle the Manager is a big believer in Sports Psychology, Football Confidence, Motivation and mental preparation for matches. Marcus himself having had a successful career as a player in the Premiership for many years as a Wimbledon FC player and representing Jamaica in the World Cup Finals in France 98, knows the importance of self belief.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

UK (Confidence Coach) helps out UK Basketball Team

UK Confidence Coach Tom Bushnell helps out UK Basketball Team Hull Wasps back to winning matches. Listen as Tom talks with one of the owners of the Basketball Team Hull Wasps. Hear how using the emotional triad helped restore confidence to the Team.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Marcus Gayle & Tom Bushnell: Confidence in Football

Marcus Gayle in his Playing days With a number of Football Clubs

Former Wimbledon Premiership Footballer (Marcus Gayle) and Confidence Coach Tom Bushnell will be interviewed on BBC Radio London 94.9FM at 8.15pm 13th Nov about Confidence in Football.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Golf (Confidence Coach)

Tom Bushnell The Golf Confidence Coach talks with Alex Bishop a future PGA tour Golfer about Confidence in Golf. Tom worked with Alex on his game when he was experiencing a lack of Confidence. Alex hired Tom to help turn his game around. Tom used a variety of methods to help improve Alex's performance which included breathing techniques, enhanced visualization methods and positive anchoring to name but a few. Listen to what Alex had to say about the Golf Motivation Coaching methods he used with Tom and the type of results that followed.

Friday, 31 October 2008

UK (Football Motivator) part 2

Tom Bushnell the Football Motivator talks with Goal scorer John Grant of League 2 Aldershot Town Football Club; 9 days after he coached John using some motivation and visualization techniques. Listen below to hear how John has got back into the first team and is playing very well and setting up goals again. John says he is feeling really focused, and he played the full 90 mins of Aldershots mid week 1-0 victory over Port Vale.

Friday, 24 October 2008

BBC Radio 5 Live's Victoria Derbyshire talks with Tom Bushnell about (Confidence Coaching)

BBC Radio Five Live's Victoria Derbyshire talks with Tom Bushnell about Confidence Coaching.
She asks Tom about how and what he does as a Confidence Coach, the types of clients he works with and what sort of results they gain after working with him. Tom answers by talking about the type of mental training work he does with professional footballers, football teams,schools, businesses, youth groups and golfers. He discuss the psychological model he uses which is called "The Emotional Triad" to help inject supreme levels of Confidence into his clients. The Football teams Tom has worked with have been from the Coca Cola Championship and the Blue Square Premier. He just recently started working with a new League 2 player.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

John Grant of Aldershot Town FC talks about the Motivation work he did with Tom Bushnell.

Striker John Grant of League 2 Club Aldershot Town FC talks about how the Motivation work he did recently with Tom Bushnell helped him feel uplifted and get his desire back for Football, and it left him feeling full of Fire...Click the video to listen to John talking with Tom.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Confident Teenagers


Thank you so much for visiting us and sharing your time with us. All the boys enjoyed the board break and will have fantastic memories that will fill them with the confidence needed to grow into the potential they have. You have an infectious ability to make all feel charged and ready to face anything.

Thanks again

Simon Martin

Romford LDS Stake Youth Camp Director Aug 2006

To contact Simon Martin directly click here

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Testimonial: From a LDS Youth Group Leader

"In one night only, Tom Bushnell led a mixed group of young men and women to a feverish-pitch where they felt ready and able to smash through ¾ inch pine boards, much to their amazement! This is an high-adrenalin, high octane session with lots of personal surprises along the way. A great session and lots of fun!"

Gary L. Mann

Head of a local youth group

Crawley, West Sussex.

Monday, 25 February 2008

If you play Golf this could be of interest to you...

Some pictures of Alex Bishop hitting some Confident Golf shots.

The following is a testimonial from one of my Golfing clients Alex Bishop. Alex currently attends The University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, and is reading Applied Golf Management Studies BA.

His course is run in co-ordance with the PGA european centre of excellence at the natinal training academy at the Belfry and Alex will obtain professional status either during or at the end of his degree.


Working with Tom was all about increasing my confidence and self belief within my golf game. I was already a confident golfer and had no doubt in my own ability but there were areas of my game which were lacking. I went through a stage of fatting chip shots around the greens and catching the ground before the ball which meant I was struggling to get the ball up and down when I missed the greens. This had a detrimental effect on my confidence in that area of my game and I began to feel very nervous and tense whenever I missed the green. Tom helped me to rebuild my confidence I once had in my short game before it went downhill using various techniques including breathing rhythms, visualisation, self talk and anchoring my positive shots which I could draw on in any situation. I began to feel as if I was able to hit any chip shot close or in the hole and I could transfer that work into my long game. I now have the belief that I can hit every green, every fairway or hole every putt. My handicap began to fall and is continuing to do so as I progress to turning professional in the future.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Practise makes Perfect.....Or does it???

The other night I was coaching an under 16's Football (Soccer) Team. After the session my colleague Chris and I started discussing the dynamics of coaching. The topic of practise came up, and the quote "Practise makes Perfect" was discussed. I'd also heard of the phrase "Perfect practise makes perfect". Chris added another development to this theme and said "practise doesn't necessarily make perfect" but "practise does make permanent".

This got me thinking...If we want to get good at anything then we need to practise. Repetition is the mother of all skill. I agree with what my friend Chris said to me on Monday night that practise does in fact make permanent...and I also agree with what I had heard a friend of mine (Spencer Plummer) many a years ago tell me that "Perfect practise makes perfect".

I think it is a combination of the both. In our own lives if we practise things they will be become permanent. And if we practise those things as perfectly as possible those disciplines and attributes that we are cultivating and developing will be made permanent more perfectly.

I would sum it up in this way:
"Practise makes Permanent" + "Perfect Practise makes Perfect" = "Permanent Perfection"

Get Practising!

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Thursday, 31 January 2008

"Confidence in Sport"

Mystery Wood Chopper Exposed

By VIKKI ORVICE of The Sun Newspaper
Published: 19 Feb 2004

TOM BUSHNELL is the wood chopping psychologist determined to help turn around Leicester City Football Club’s season.

He arrived at the Foxes’ training ground last week and refused to leave until he had demonstrated his techniques to boss Micky Adams and the team. Adams admitted he allowed a stranger to talk to his players in a desperate bid to find a Premiership win.

He revealed: I didn’t know anything about him ? Apart from the fact he said he was Tom from London. But SunSport has tracked down life coach Bushnell, who broke a piece of wood in two with his bare hands during his 15 minutes with the Leicester stars.

"Shrink" Bushnell, 29, from West London, said: I had noticed their run of 10 Premiership games without a win and I believe I can make a difference. So I drove up to the training ground last Monday to speak to Micky Adams.

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Sunday, 27 January 2008

"3 Simple Words"

"Know Your Outcome"

3 simple words.....3 simple words that can....if you let them.....quite literally change your life!

I just received an unexpected and welcomed phone call from a good old friend. We started talking about our respective business' and he (Vince my good old friend) reminded me of those 3 simple but very powerful words..."Know your outcome". (A concept that Vince & Myself were taught by Tony Robbins)

He related to me how just the other night (See Vince is the owner of a Dance Club promotion Company in London) he had planned on meeting a New overseas client at one of his venues, a client he had not personally met yet, and a client who had paid upfront for Vince's VIP service.....to cut a long story short the booking had gone disastrously wrong.....his overseas client was not on the guest list which he had paid top money to be on....Their was a mix up on the door etc, etc... You get the picture!

Vince was temporarily feeling embarrassed about the whole debacle. He could of saved face and left the sorry mess alone, and buried his head in the sand and blamed it on someone else, the host, the club, the lady on the booking line and lost his new customer. Or he had the chance to take responsibility, act from a place of Confidence and take ownership of the situation.

To Vince's credit, he "Knew his outcome". His outcome which was to ensure his new client had an exceptional experience that evening. So he stepped up with certainty and conviction, and made the situation his own and totally transformed the circumstances to his advantage. The end result was Vince smoothed over the mistake with the door staff, his client was treated like Royalty and continued to proceed with his VIP status into the club, resulting in a wonderful evening for his new client.

An additional benefit came to Vince that evening because of stepping up in what could of been a total business disaster. As a result of following through, meeting with his new client and spending some quality time with him that evening; Vince met with another new and very influential contact. This new contact and Vince got on so well they are now going to work together on some new and exciting future projects. Those projects will result in more revenue for his business and ultimately a happier life for Vince and his family. All because Vince "Knew his outcome".

I guess the question to ask ourselves is are we going to let circumstances dictate to us ?....Or are we going to be the dictator of circumstances?

The choice is each one of ours to make

"Know Your Outcome"

To your success

Tom Bushnell The Confidence Coach

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The Dream Movie

I found this great resource yesterday and wanted to share it.

It's a free video that is a great reminder of what is possible in life.

Go to http://www.thedreammovie.com/

To your success

Tom The Confidence Coach

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Breathwalking a vital tool to feeling happier and more confident about life

Breathwalking is a tool I have been teaching my clients for some time now.

Their are many benefits to breath walking. http://www.breathwalk.com

The benefit that I enjoy the most is the mental clarity it gives me. I find once I have gone for a breath walk, sometimes just for 5-6 minutes my body starts to feel very oxygenated and the fogginess in my head starts to disappear. I start to feel truly alive again.

I find breathwalking to be a great tool for golf confidence. I used to coach a young golfer at Wentworth in England and there was always an increase in his performance when we started his condfidence coaching lesson with breathwalking, compared to when we didn't.

Breathwalking really is a wonderful tool that anyone can use. I will be forever grateful to Tony Robbins who introduced this concept to me through his "Get The Edge" programme.

Happy Breathing!

Tom Bushnell The Confidence Coach

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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Board Breaking Brightons! Get off to a winning start!

11th August 2007
Foster's Central Scottish AFL Premier Division

Brightons 2 Kilsyth 0

Brightons got their Premier League campaign off to a flier on Saturday, winning 2-0 against Kilsyth on the opening day of the season. A pre match pep talk from Sports Psychologist/Confidence Coach Tom Bushnell had the players right up for this game (see video of Bobo on the homepage - www.brightonsafc.co.uk ) and the result means The Tons continued their impressive 100% league record carried forward from last season and will do their confidence no harm at all for this campaign.

Brightons made one change to the team that had drawn with Kilsyth's Junior side last week, with Kieran Sweeney replacing Billy Brotton at left midfield. The game kicked off with Brightons looking well organised and full of running and despite Kilsyth having much of the ball in the opening stages, they did little to threaten Davie Hardie in the home goal. Hardie in fact never put a foot wrong and his handling, distribution and kicking was first class all day. The deadlock was broken in only ten minutes by Mark Newton, who rifled the ball into the top corner from the penalty spot after Jamie Mclean had been up-ended in the box by the Kilsyth keeper. McLean was looking lively and saw his shot from 22 yards flash over after he was released by Sweeney and only a few minutes later Sweeney again found space on the left to fire in a low cross that Lee Clark should have done better with. Kilsyth tried to press forward, but Brightons were looking solid at the back and restricted the away side to efforts from distance that did little to trouble Hardie.

Into the second half and Brightons looked to kill the game early and Clark should have made the points safe on 55 minutes when he pounced on a fumbled cross by the Kilsyth keeper, the resulting half volley going well over. Sweeney and Tam McQue were causing the visitors full backs all sorts of problems and McQue got in behind and sent a terrific lob over the keeper only to see it bounce over the bar. McQue was not to be denied though and on 70 minutes Brightons doubled their lead. Kilsyth were caught up field as Brightons patient play found the ball dropping to Newton in space, deep in his own half. His pass down the line saw McQue out-strip the right back for pace before cutting inside to drill the ball under the advancing away keeper.

Both teams made changes soon after with Speirs, Irvine and Lines replacing Clark, Sweeney and McLean and Kilsyth pushed 3 up front in an attempt to salvage something from the game. The did get in behind the Brightons rearguard on one occasion but Jamie McKenzie got back to make a great sliding tackle as the striker was about to pull the trigger. As the visitors pushed more men forward it was Brightons that looked more likely to add a third with Sweeney volleying over at the back post from McQue's cross.

The game ended 2-0 in what was a well deserved victory for the home side. This was a tight game against a very good footballing side, so this should give the lads confidence in the coming weeks. Next game is against Leith Athletic, this Wednesday at Overton park, kick-off 7pm.

All Brightons Players and Officials would like to say a special thanks to Tom for the work he did over the weekend.

Hardie, Campbell, Stevenson, Forbes, Porteous, Newton, McQue, Clark (Speirs), McLean (Lines), McKenzie & Sweeney (N Irvine)

Subs not used - Brogan, Thornton

Brightons Inn MoM - Tam McQue

Anton Rogan Award: Speirsy, for being the only wan to lose a fight with his board.

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