Monday, 9 February 2009

College Student says listening to Tom Bushnell's Motivational Speech helped him improve his skills and attitude

The experience of breaking a thick wooden board with your bare hands, is just a massive adrenalin rush. My experience with Tom Bushnell, was an enjoyable and great positivity booster, I carried out his routine of jumping and shouting "YES" and then forcing my hand through a thick ply of pine wood, which looked impossible to do, but NO, Tom proved that nothing is impossible if you think positively. I broke through the board with out a problem, I carried on thinking positively and through-out the year, my Rugby improved and my skills and attitude changed with me attacking every challenge positively.

Thank you for the great morale boost and experience, would love to do it again!

Kyle Holmes
Student at Bedstone College, Shropshire and former pupil of Moorland School, Clitheroe.