Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Practise makes Perfect.....Or does it???

The other night I was coaching an under 16's Football (Soccer) Team. After the session my colleague Chris and I started discussing the dynamics of coaching. The topic of practise came up, and the quote "Practise makes Perfect" was discussed. I'd also heard of the phrase "Perfect practise makes perfect". Chris added another development to this theme and said "practise doesn't necessarily make perfect" but "practise does make permanent".

This got me thinking...If we want to get good at anything then we need to practise. Repetition is the mother of all skill. I agree with what my friend Chris said to me on Monday night that practise does in fact make permanent...and I also agree with what I had heard a friend of mine (Spencer Plummer) many a years ago tell me that "Perfect practise makes perfect".

I think it is a combination of the both. In our own lives if we practise things they will be become permanent. And if we practise those things as perfectly as possible those disciplines and attributes that we are cultivating and developing will be made permanent more perfectly.

I would sum it up in this way:
"Practise makes Permanent" + "Perfect Practise makes Perfect" = "Permanent Perfection"

Get Practising!

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Vivien said...

This is really profound Tom, you have certainly made me think