Tuesday, 27 January 2009

School Teacher Charlie Jackson talks about Tom's Confidence building work at Moorland School in Clitheroe, Lancs

I'd heard a BBC Radio interview of Tom Bushnell talking about how he builds confidence and motivation within people. I also watched a video clip of Tom working firsthand with a Scottish football team AFC Brightons. When I saw his board breaking methods with the footballers I thought "The kids at Moorlands school will love this"!!! I spoke with the Head (Mr Paul Smith at the time) and showed him the video. He too thought the same, we must get Tom in to go through his seminar with our pupils. So we hired Tom and his services for the day.

He came up to the school and taught the pupils and teachers his unique motivational techniques, one of which was to get them to write a goal on a piece of pine wood and then show them how to break through the wood with their bare hands! As a metaphor for whats possible. The kids absolutely loved it!

We also hired Tom to speak at our Prize giving that evening and speak before the parents. One of our female pupils volunteered to go up on stage with Tom and demonstrate what they had been learning. By now she knew how to motivate herself very quickly and she broke through her second piece of wood for that day, to show to all the parents her newly acquired confidence. It was a great evening.

In summary what Tom Bushnell taught to my kids that day was brilliant. It challenged the kids, it was ground breaking (well at least wood breaking). It was fun and enjoyable for them. He introduced a whole new area of teaching methods, that had never been taught, that could be used in any area of the students life whether academically or personally. It was a real confidence booster for them. They learnt some really great transferable skills that they can use in every area of their lives, which I believe will help them achieve even more. I would strongly recommend Tom to any school or club; and with a new set of pupils here at Moorlands we would definitely like to hire him again.

Mr Charlie Jackson: Head Football Teacher Moorlands School, Clitheroe, Lancs.

Charlie also runs the Matrix Soccer Academy and is the technical skills coach at Blackburn Rovers FC Academy.


Charlie Jackson can also be contacted for more information and a verbal testimonial about Tom Bushnell's Confidence Building Seminar for Schools at:

Mr. Charlie Jackson
Moorland School
Ribblesdale Avenue

or call 01200 423833 and ask for Mr Charlie Jackson

or email him directly at charliejacksonfc@hotmail.co.uk

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