Sunday, 27 January 2008

"3 Simple Words"

"Know Your Outcome"

3 simple words.....3 simple words that can....if you let them.....quite literally change your life!

I just received an unexpected and welcomed phone call from a good old friend. We started talking about our respective business' and he (Vince my good old friend) reminded me of those 3 simple but very powerful words..."Know your outcome". (A concept that Vince & Myself were taught by Tony Robbins)

He related to me how just the other night (See Vince is the owner of a Dance Club promotion Company in London) he had planned on meeting a New overseas client at one of his venues, a client he had not personally met yet, and a client who had paid upfront for Vince's VIP cut a long story short the booking had gone disastrously wrong.....his overseas client was not on the guest list which he had paid top money to be on....Their was a mix up on the door etc, etc... You get the picture!

Vince was temporarily feeling embarrassed about the whole debacle. He could of saved face and left the sorry mess alone, and buried his head in the sand and blamed it on someone else, the host, the club, the lady on the booking line and lost his new customer. Or he had the chance to take responsibility, act from a place of Confidence and take ownership of the situation.

To Vince's credit, he "Knew his outcome". His outcome which was to ensure his new client had an exceptional experience that evening. So he stepped up with certainty and conviction, and made the situation his own and totally transformed the circumstances to his advantage. The end result was Vince smoothed over the mistake with the door staff, his client was treated like Royalty and continued to proceed with his VIP status into the club, resulting in a wonderful evening for his new client.

An additional benefit came to Vince that evening because of stepping up in what could of been a total business disaster. As a result of following through, meeting with his new client and spending some quality time with him that evening; Vince met with another new and very influential contact. This new contact and Vince got on so well they are now going to work together on some new and exciting future projects. Those projects will result in more revenue for his business and ultimately a happier life for Vince and his family. All because Vince "Knew his outcome".

I guess the question to ask ourselves is are we going to let circumstances dictate to us ?....Or are we going to be the dictator of circumstances?

The choice is each one of ours to make

"Know Your Outcome"

To your success

Tom Bushnell The Confidence Coach

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