Thursday, 24 January 2008

Breathwalking a vital tool to feeling happier and more confident about life

Breathwalking is a tool I have been teaching my clients for some time now.

Their are many benefits to breath walking.

The benefit that I enjoy the most is the mental clarity it gives me. I find once I have gone for a breath walk, sometimes just for 5-6 minutes my body starts to feel very oxygenated and the fogginess in my head starts to disappear. I start to feel truly alive again.

I find breathwalking to be a great tool for golf confidence. I used to coach a young golfer at Wentworth in England and there was always an increase in his performance when we started his condfidence coaching lesson with breathwalking, compared to when we didn't.

Breathwalking really is a wonderful tool that anyone can use. I will be forever grateful to Tony Robbins who introduced this concept to me through his "Get The Edge" programme.

Happy Breathing!

Tom Bushnell The Confidence Coach

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